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Today’s world of meat and gastronomic market is changing extremely fast. Supermarkets expansion and their competitiveness, new law regulations, increased awareness of consumers, online shopping and information technology progress are only some of the main factors which have been causing changes to the world we live in. Sometimes those changes make the situation of a traditional producer difficult. Even for the producer with advanced and latest technologies it is really problematic to be flexible enough to satisfy the needs of the modern market.

Following the changes of the market environment ‘JUSTPOL SA’ offers: world-class technology and knowledge…

Our technology allows to manufacture machines and systems which enhance and support the processing of meat, as well as to make decisions in relation with its production. Our knowledge and twenty-year-long experience in meat and gastronomic market will help you to achieve your goals.
Our solutions are less complicated and, at the same time more attractive for your finances.

Since 1994 JUSTPOL SA has maintained its strong and solid position on the Polish market, as well as on foreign markets, among others in Europe, Asia, North America and Far East. We are still searching for new solutions and improving our offer for customers on new emerging markets. Our company’s mission is the continuous enhancement of machines and devices used in meat industry which leads to increasing sales of meat products of our customers. Remember: this is you decision. We are here to help you.

If you are really passionate about your production, if you look for excellence or if you are a manufacturing leader who searches for innovative method for cutting costs this is the place for you.

We kindly invite you to learn more about our offer.




Update on 2017

Link to the latest company documents 2017, we publish them for our cleansers and co-workers, because we are a public company and at any time you can make our…

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New website 2014!

Welcome to our new website!

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